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Bashing my BashRC – Productivity Fridays


For this weeks Productivity Friday Tim looks at his BashRC file and how he manages remote servers with bash set on them.

Minimal Atom – Productivity Fridays


For this Productivity Friday Tim takes a look at how he has achieved a very minimal coding experience with atom and is loving it.

Customising Nano – Productivity Friday


In this new series Tim looks at some of how he configures his every day online Worktools, start with the humble text editor Nano. Can you even configure it, welcome to the work of Nano.

Pressing Forward – Random Mutterings

DevOps | General | Security | WordPress

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macOS restarting/logging out when screen locked


I have been putting up with my Mac apparently restarting if I leave it to sleep for to long. So I decided to hunt out why this was happening and stop it.

Making TimNash.co.uk – Part 2, The developer strikes back


This is the second part in the Making TimNash.co.uk series, and in this part Tim looks at the custom plugins and tools he uses to develop TimNash.co.uk

I need you!


Tim talks about WP&UP and why they need your support, now more than ever before. Please take the time to read it, for some it will be a difficult read but please try that’s all he asks.

Part 1, Making TimNash.co.uk – Plugins and Theme


Its been a couple of years since Tim talked about his site design and a lot of things have changed both on the site but also in Tim philosophy towards it. So come learn which Plugins and themes power timnash.co.uk

Back to Basics – User Management Strategies

Security | WordPress

In this second article in the series, Tim gets back to basics with WordPress security this time focusing on user management from passwords to access control and how to deal with ex-employees credentials.

Back to Basics – Updating WordPress Strategies

Security | WordPress

In the first of a series of posts, Tim gets back to basics with WordPress security with his first look at different updating strategies for WordPress, core and plugins.

Finding all your sites Gutenberg Blocks


Want to know something? Sure you do, a secret only you and me know….I use Gutenberg on this site! There I have said it, half the WordPress world gasped in horror and do you know what I don’t dislike it. There are also lot’s of plugins now that support Gutenberg blocks, like Atomic Blocks and […]

Five languages for WordPress Developers to learn in 2020

DevOps | WordPress

Folks often ask me questions, and recently there has been a little bit of interest in the fact that while I work in the WordPress space I’m not a traditional “WordPress Developer” and I don’t tend to work day to day with WordPress. For those who don’t know me, my day to day programming is […]