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New Year, means new plans and new tools


It’s the new year, and Tim wants to take a closer look at how he organises his work notes, todos & projects. So having researched he has settled on two possible routes but he has a choice to make digital or analog workflow?

Coming to a WordCamp?

Events and Talks | WordPress

WordCamps are a unique event, while still being conferences Tim and a lot of other folk share their top tips in this survival guide of sort. From clothing to the hallway track there hopefully a few tips for you as well.

Behind the scenes of a talk

Events and Talks | Security | WordPress

Tim dissects a recent talk from Steelcon, what went right and wrong.

Pixel tracking with Nginx & a tiny bit of Javascript


Tim takes a look at setting up a basic pixel tracking using Nginx, a tiny bit of Javascript and GoAccess but can it feel his stats craving?

Getting gdb to (semi) reliably work on Mojave MacOS


Tim has fun, getting a 30 year old tool for debugging Rust and C++ to work on MacOS and specifically Mojave. It should be simple right?

Bye Bye KeePass, hello Bitwarden

General | Security

Why did I move to using Bitwarden from KeePass, was it a headache and was it worth it?

London – Random Mutterings

General | WordPress

March has been a busy month and it merged into April a little too quickly. So sorry this is a bit late but here we go with Random Mutterings volume 2. We have had a fair share of #WPDrama and then there is Pipdig. I have a couple of WP&UP bits in this roundup, but […]

VPNs and fun experiments with UPnP


Here lies a tale of a fun adventure with helping a friend remotely set up a VPN server, the joys of UPnP and SystemD. It’s a sort of tutorial but more documenting my own notes for if I have to do it again in future. I want a VPN server Tim It all started when […]

Return – Random Mutterings

Events and Talks | General

Random Mutterings is back, with a recap of what Tim is up to and some retrospective from last month. This month it’s Rust, Typescript and site changes.

I’m not ok, but that’s alright


Tim discuses his mental health, how he copes with depression and some of the ways he is coping day to day.

My Development Workflow Early 2019


So in October 2018 I took a week off work on holiday and decided that one of my “jobs” while on holiday was to look at my development workflow. I last blogged about what and why I was using things a few years ago and I really meant to make it a regular thing as […]

Feitian ePass – U2F, 2 factor authentication

Security | WordPress

Tim takes a look at the Feitian ePass a hardware security key that he uses in place of Google Authenticator on some site.