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Looking to get hold of Tim?

Sounds like a Contact Me page would be a great idea, but before you take the plunge and actually use the contact form, have a think…is this really the best way to contact Tim?

When is it appropriate to email Tim?

  • If you have a great idea for a blog post or want Tim to cover something, you should definitely get in touch!
  • If you want further information on Tim’s training courses, consultancy or his Patreon Campaign then this is the place for you!
  • You would like Tim to comment for an article or speak at your event this will be perfect (Tim loves to talk)
  • If you feel your life would not be complete without some sort of interaction with Tim (and this feeling is not uncommon) then it may be appropriate
  • If you want to reach out and connect with Tim in a non-creepy way and without selling your product and service, then you will be warmly received

So when would it not be appropriate to email Tim?

  • If you want to buy advertising or to guest post on the site without an invitation, emailing would not be a great idea.
  • If you think you can guarantee a number 1 position in Google for any keywords, or indeed if you want Tim to buy your product or service, getting in touch is probably a terrible idea
  • If you want to tell Tim how much his writing sucks, how he made a mistake in an article or why you feel his attitude sucks then please don’t email. This is clearly what social media was made for…
  • If you are that creepy guy who keeps talking to Tim, and he’s too polite to suggest you are a bigoted nutter but when you come near to him, he finds the nearest person to engage in a deep and meaningful conversation to avoid you.
  • If you think Tim is an SEO or is based in Nottingham, I mean you are welcome to email but we will just end up chatting on Twitter
  • If you have a great job opportunity… or you have the perfect candidate for his non existent job opportunity.

If you are a individual or non profit who is writing about WordPress, or writing security and performance articles then you can find out more information about Tim proofing your articles here.

If you’re looking for another way to contact Tim, why not try tweeting him, finding him on Google+ or liking him on Facebook.

Still think you want to talk to Tim? then you can email site at that was a lot of reading for an email address.