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Are you currently experiencing a site hack, compromise, or performance issue that is interrupting your business?

So many of my conversations begin that way, it’s almost never as bad as it seems and we can put it right, be it a very slow loading site that keeps falling over or a site hack.

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All bookings subject to Terms and Conditions for Power Hours. Please note it's much better value for you to if you are able book a regular Power Hour.

Emergency Power hours available everyday (10AM-8PM GMT/BST) and bookable same day. Normal Power hours are Mon-Fri, bookable next day.

About Tim Nash

My name is Tim Nash I am a WordPress security expert with a background in development and system administration. In addition to building one of the very first commercial WordPress plugins, I have ran a development agency specialising in payments and security, worked with big named organisations like PayPal and the World Food Programme and spent 5 years as the WordPress Platform Lead at building a Managed WordPress Platform used by thousands of site.

My ethos and approach

Over the years, I have mellowed and aged, definitely aged, like a fine wine, I hope. And that’s better than the alternative, which is to become sour and vinegary. I don’t believe I have lost any passion but it has been tempered with realism.

Past Tim was dogmatic – “this is the correct approach and there should be no compromise” – and there are times where I will be honest and tell you this is not an area to compromise. However, I also understand that your organisation has to flex and bend and no solution meets deployment and is not slightly changed. I will always encourage best practices but I won’t chastise you for not following them.

I have a beautiful daughter and we need to leave the world in a better state than how we inherited it, as such I believe strongly in sustainability, not only does this site use a green hosting provider but my business is carbon negative, combining making choices based, in part, on green credentials but offsetting the entirety of our energy consumption, green energy and all.

Above all, I want to make sure any marks I leave are positive and that I leave things safer and better. I want to work with nice people who share my values and beliefs that we should be mindful and make sure everything we do is an improvement that we are helping.

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