22nd and 29th April 2021

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WordPress Security

Tim specialises in WordPress Security, as a security consultant, he spends a significant portion of his day, making sure sites remain free of hacks. As a developer, he advocates for better coding practices to reduce the number of bugs that lead to such hacks and as a community member he tries to help with education through writings and giving talks on WordPress Security around the UK.

WordPress Security in-depth

The back to basics series, is an in-depth look at specific aspects of security administration, designed to provide solid theory and strategy. The series is aimed at site administrators and product owners.

Free Plugin – WP User Sentry

WP User Sentry is a very simple WordPress Plugin which Tim built to cover a small gap in most security plugins. It emails you on successful login to your site. Find out more about why you might want to use it on WP User Sentry Homepage

WordPress Security Talks

Tim gives a lot of talks around the UK at User Groups and Conferences about WordPress and specifically WordPress security. His most popular talks Practical Security Tips and Come to the Darkside (Going to the dark side), They have cookies have meant he has visited almost every WordPress User Group in the UK.

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Latest Security Articles

Tim writes regularly on this site about WordPress Security as well as a range of other subjects surrounding development and system administration.

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