Tim really likes scaring people at conferences

Talks and Events

It's been mentioned a couple of times but Tim talks a lot!

While normally focusing on WordPress and Security his topics have been pretty varied from Testing methodologies through to robbing banks. His talks tend to be entertaining and informative. His goal is to make things accessible but also to make it easy for people to research.

The following are something of an archive of talks, in a normal year Tim does between 20-30 Talks in a year the majority are not recorded and often are done for the specific event.

Tim is nearly always happy to come and talk to your group or conference for information see his Speaking Page.

WordPress Security Talks

Tim was once asked how many talks has he given and some back of the napkin math has it into 4 digits. You would have thought he would have the hang of it by now.

General Talks

While best known for WordPress Security Talks, Tim has plenty of more general talks as well. Covering topics as diverse as Mental Health through to WP-CLI and DevOps setups.