New Confidently Clean Hacked Site Workshop Date!

Live Workshop 16th July 2024


I am really pleased to announce a new Confidently Clean a Hacked WordPress Site workshop on July 16th 2024 this time at a more USA-friendly time!

The quick TL;DR

When: 16th July 2024 at 1PM EST (6PM BST/ 5PM GMT)

Where: Online via Zoom


  • 90 Minute Workshop
  • 30 Minute Q&A
  • Access to a load of resources

Leave confident that you can clean a hacked WordPress site and that the hack won’t come back!

You can book your place right now at

What is Confidently Clean a Hacked WordPress Site Workshop

This is a 90-minute workshop to help you well confidently clean a hacked WordPress site.

It’s designed for you, your site, your company, your organization, your students. Anyone who manages a WordPress website would benefit from this workshop.

During the workshop we will go through identifying if a site is hacked and the process of fixing a hacked site. A few years ago, I did something similar over two days, and it was a lot! Far too much, so I have taken lessons from this, refined the process to make it even easier and boiled it down to a 90 minute workshop.

No fluff, step-by-step process. Anyone can do with repeatable results. 

The workshop will be on July 16th at 1PM EST and includes:

  • 90 Minute Workshop
  • 30 Minute Q&A
  • Access to recordings from the workshop
  • Access to my detailed guide with my Standard Operating Procedure for cleaning hacked WordPress sites.

This is the second time this workshop has been run, the first was back in March, and that cohort has gone on to put things learnt on the workshop into action.

One attendee got to put their new skills to the test just days after the workshop and got their client back up and running in a few hours. 

I have made a few changes pricing-wise, the biggest is dropping the number of seats on the Team package down to 5 and consequently lowering the price. Making it, I think, great value for small agencies so, now there is no reason not to bring your whole team on.

The Individual++ and Team both come with a 45-minute coaching call, where we can get into your specific use cases and setups. I really enjoy these calls, and it gives me a real opportunity to fine-tune my proven methods with the way you work.

The other thing I’m offering is early bird pricing, so to get access at its lowest rate you need to book soon. Prices will go up in a couple of weeks (from when this is published)

Want to come?

I would love to see you, you can book today

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me hello at 

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