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Power Hour Security Consultation

WordPress site reviews, to help protect you and your customers from bad actors

Hi I’m Tim. I'm a WordPress security consultant, and I help organisations like yours stay protected online.

I provide a range of security focus services, one of which is my “Power Hour” consultation.

The Power Hour is an open hour online meeting where you and I can discuss anything! I mean it should probably be security related; but it doesn't have to be!

For this hour, I'm all yours to ask any questions, for us to discuss strategy, or for us to look at specific problems and issue. You can bring team members along as well, if you'd like!

One thing to note: During Power Hour calls, I won't touch any code or infrastructure. You're welcome to screen share with me to illustrate a question or discussion point, but I won't log in or do anything with your systems during the call.

You'd be surprised. We can cover a lot inside an hour, and I am available for follow up questions.

But what sort of things will we talk about?

Well past calls have included talking about backup strategies, and providing ideas for how to easily test backups because if we don’t test them do we really have a backup or just a prayer?

Other conversations have included automating security tooling, but also is plugin X any good (It’s nearly always WordFence or Sucuri the plugin in question), how do I set up user monitoring.

The questions and possibilities are endless, quite often a call is you coming on and saying here is what we do, are we on the right track, what could we do better. You followed the mainstream advice and you are after personalised next steps.

A Power hour is a great way to get a quick overview of where you are in terms of a security posture which can then lead on to a site review down the road. It’s important though, this is not a sales call, I won’t be trying to upsell you my services if they are appropriate I will mention them but the majority of people come on a Power Hour leave with lots of actionable recommendations and don’t use any of my other services.

How does it work?

If you are ready to book a call, then simply clicking the link below will take you to the Calendly site which I use for booking, select a time slot for folks in the Americas especially I have later time slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You will be asked if you prefer to meet on Zoom or Google Meet (It defaults to Zoom as that is generally my preference) as well as tell me roughly what we are talking about. You don’t need to go into details, it just helps me prepare.

You will also be asked to pay the invoice upfront, but you can rearrange anytime up to 30 minutes before the call.

Once on the call we will have a chat, I will take notes.

After our call I will send you my notes, with all of my recommendations and action points, and my contact information so you can reach out to ask further questions.

A bit about me

I'm an experienced security professional, but I didn't start my career in IT as one. My background is in building payment systems, which led me to run a small development agency with some pretty big clients that you've definitely heard of. I went on to manage the security of thousands of WordPress sites at one of the UK's largest web hosts.

This means I have a broad range of experience especially around implementing security in all size organisations.

“Our team have built countless WooCommerce sites but this was our first foray into releasing a product and we wanted to be sure on the code quality, scalability and security of our code. Tim was thorough, detailed and exceptional at walking us through the issues in our code. For me what was more important though, was that he did so in a very kind and insightful way that motivated the team, improved the plugin but also helped us implement tools and processes into our workflow that has benefitted us across the board in all work we do. I could not recommend this service more highly and I wish we'd done it sooner!”

Phil Morrow
Phil Morrow
Director Happy Kite Ltd

Ready to get started

Will take you off to the Calendly site to book, all bookings subject to Terms and Conditions

Frequently asked questions

When can we book a call?

Calls are available Monday to Friday with morning/early afternoon calls available every week day and late afternoon/evening calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you need a call outside of these hours, I offer same day (including weekend) Emergency Calls

How much will it cost?

The cost of Power Hour is £150, which is payable in advance of the call

If I can't make it can I get a refund?

If you find you can't make the call you can reschedule via the Calendly link, within the confirmation email. If you need to cancel, then refunds are available prior to 24 hours before the call.

How do I reschedule?

If you find you can't make the call you can reschedule via the Calendly link, within the confirmation email. I will drop you an email, just to confirm the dates and an updated calendar invite.

I don't use Zoom or Google Meet can we use Carrier Pigeons?

My preference is for Zoom or Google Meet, I do not want to be installing software on my computer to talk to you, sorry! Both Zoom/Google Meet offer a web version. If you absolutely can't use either then drop me an email via the confirmation email and we will work something out.

Can we do Power Hour in person?

The Power Hour is online only.