Legal Documents and Texts

Tim Nash is a person (Yay go me) and a trading name… ok that’s weird, of the legal entity that is Oh Hai World Limited. Confused? Well it’s really simple the person called Tim wrote this, but if I do any work for you, then I did it while being Oh Hai World. Don’t worry you can still call me Tim.

Anyway in a world where that sort of thing happens, we need legal text, like garlic it wards of vampires, sorry lawyers.

Privacy Policy

The site Privacy Policy is as in depth as a Privacy Policy might be.

Power Hour Consultancy

If you book a Power Hour with me, then it’s covered by these terms and conditions.

Other things

My standard terms and conditions are by default attached to any Brief documentation that has been sent to you.

Other incredibly important things to remember:

  • I am not a lawyer (not least because I think I might still be the company at this point)
  • I have never been a lawyer (to clarify the earlier point, in case you thought my ceasing to be a company might make me one)
  • Any fact/figures or statement is to the best of my knowledge true, but if it turns out not to be or changes then I am not responsible for any errors or notifying you.
  • Unless I have clearly declared a separate license, all content is copyright Tim Nash (The individual, not the trading name of the company) while any products and services are provided by Oh Hai World Limited.
  • I Tim not Tim Nash the trading name or Oh Hai World Limited the company, am a human and prone to making the occasional mistake. I really try hard to not make them, to own up them when I do and put things right. At times legalese makes it sound like the opposite of all those things. So if you have an issue or problem with site or service then let me know and I will try to make it right.
  • The above doesn’t affect the legal stuff, I don’t think I wish I was a lawyer
  • no I don’t