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Hacked Workshop

Hacked Workshop

Events and Talks | Security | WordPress

Tim launches his new WordPress security workshop HACKED.

Lessons Learnt migrating from Mailchimp to Buttondown

Lessons learnt migrating from Mailchimp to Buttondown


Tim takes a look at why migrating mail providers are always interesting even if you are a supposeded “pro”

Blog like a confused Hacker (2020-2021 Edition)


Tim takes a look at how you can build WordPress static sites, with just PHP, no Apache or MySQL in sight.

Has your host got Ransomware?

Security | WordPress

Tim takes a look at the recent Ransomware attack on a popular host and asks could it happen to you? Are you prepared and what steps can you take to mitigate such thing?

Hammering Ross’ site!


There are times where its genuinely quicker to write your own solution then look for alterantives. But is this one of those times?

Rebuilding trust in Automatic Updates


With automatic updates for major releases coming to WordPress core is it time for Tim to retire?

Installing PHP and other languages with ASDF on MacOS Catalina

DevOps | General | WordPress

Tim digs into the fun world of using a version manager to get his multiple versions of PHP under control.

Farewells and Moving on

DevOps | General | WordPress

It’s time for Tim to say goodbye as he leaves 34SP.com after 5 years and heads off but what does the future hold for Tim?

Local Lightning is it very very frightening

DevOps | WordPress

Tim takes a dive into Local Development using Local Lightning, is it any good or is he going to throw it out of the window. The answer might surprise.

Picture of Tim with a mic looking silly

Getting my audio sorted in Lockdown


Tim manages to break his Blue Yeti microphone in the first week of lockdown and so began the hunt for its replacement. But what did he buy?

State of Tim – April 2020


Tim looks back at the last few months here on timnash.co.uk and also to the future. He also answers the question how much does it cost to run a simple website like this?

Introducing WP User Sentry

Security | WordPress

Tim introduces his latest plugin he has been working on, WP User Sentry and explains why he felt there was a need for such a plugin in the market.