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My WordPress Development Workflow

I love reading about people’s workflows, and each time I read about someone else’s setup I take something away. I’m inspired by folks who spend half their day at standing tables (not inspired enough to actually give standing a go mind you) and who have built contraptions to aid their day. Yet workflow is about […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday
Tim and Sally introduce some holiday fun, enjoy!

Extending WP-CLI

Extending WP-CLI
Tim starts to use WP-CLI to launch external scripts and to extend plugins using WP-CLI in this screencast, done with the backing of his Patreon Patrons. This is the second of a multi-part series on WP-CLI for

Wanted Organiser for WordPress Leeds

Tim is turning over the overlordship of WordPress Leeds, and is looking for volunteers to take over and run one of the UK oldest user groups.

Important WordPress 4.0.1 go update!

Fail2Ban with WordPress

WordPress 4.0.1 has been released and is a security release, please update your sites as soon as possible, want to know why? Well watch as Tim explains why you should be updating right now.