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Hi, I’m Tim Nash
I like to scare people at conferences

I am a WordPress Security Consultant,
I talk (a lot) about WordPress security as well as subjects like performance and system administration at events, on Twitter and even the occasional article.

“We were desperate really and just glad he
showed up, not that many people complained”


Simon Pollard

WordPress Bristol

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WordPress Security Consultant,
System Administrator & Developer

How many hats does one person need? Tim has certainly tried his hand at most of them. Tim’s background is in both development and security, he has run a development agency as well as developing and managing one of the largest WordPress hosting platforms in the UK. Today Tim is a WordPress security consultant, helping organisations with support, consultancy, training in WordPress security and WordPress hardening.

Part of the WordPress community

Tim has been actively involved in the UK community since, well, there has been a UK community. He has helped organise WordPress Leeds, the oldest User Group in the country, for over 10 years. He is one of the admins for the WordPress Community UK Slack group and has spoken at nearly every UK WordPress User Group.

Tim Talks a lot at conferences and at smaller user groups

While usually focusing on WordPress and Security his topics have been pretty varied from testing methodologies through to robbing banks. His talks tend to be entertaining and informative with the aim to make things accessible but also to make it easy for people to research.

Tim is nearly always happy to come and talk to your group or conference virtually and hopefully outside of 2020 in person for information see his Speaking Page.

Latest Articles

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Has your host got Ransomware?

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There are times where its genuinely quicker to write your own solution then look for alterantives. But is this one of those times?

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With automatic updates for major releases coming to WordPress core is it time for Tim to retire?

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Tim digs into the fun world of using a version manager to get his multiple versions of PHP under control.