What’s GHOST got to do with WordPress

Tim talks about GHOSTs
Why is everyone panicking about ghosts all of a sudden? What does a Linux software vulnerability have to do with WordPress and why is the community upset that everyone is taking aim at WordPress?

Respect your conference speakers and volunteers


Tim discusses why he won’t be speaking at WordCamp Birmingham next month due to it requiring speakers and volunteers to buy tickets to the event, he believes it is a practice that should be stamped out. From a personal perspective believing it shows a lack of respect and appreciation of their volunteers and speakers.

Automating WordPress with WP-CLI and Shell Scripts

Extending WP-CLIIn this latest instalment in our WP-CLI series Tim starts to look at more complex shell scripting and introducing some really useful unix commands. Done with the backing of his Patreon Patrons. This is the Third of a multi-part series on WP-CLI for timnash.co.uk

My WordPress Development Workflow


Tim takes a look at his Day to Day WordPress Workflow, what tools he uses and how he goes from his local machine to staging and production sites. This post looks at the pros and cons of this approach and ponders if there is a better way for a lot of what he does?

2015 Predictions for WordPress and Beyond


Tim takes a look at his predictions for what’s coming up in 2015, the positives, some negatives, some quite depressing thoughts but combined with some great new features for WordPress and out of the other side a stronger eco-system.