Let’s say bye bye to default themes

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Tim put’s on his debating hat, to consider should WordPress include the Twenty XX series of themes, or would it be better to simply have a single default theme and a better on boarding process instead?

Having a good RESTful course

I’m really pleased after an awful lot of working happening in the background to announce the release of a 12 part WordPress REST API course here on timnash.co.uk.

It is a charge for course, but at £45 very affordable, and that includes potentially 12 hours worth of Q/A with me as well (see below) also if you become a Patron at £50/Year, not only will you get access to the course but to a heap of other stuff.

The course starts on 1st September. You can enrol from today, by visiting WP-API Online Course

So what is it?

The course is spread over 12 weeks, starting 1st September, each Monday a new lesson is delivered to your inbox, a combination of several small videos, tutorial, some questions and a few exercises. The intent is for you to digest and work your way through the content. In total each week you should be looking at about an hour to two hours of your time.

On Fridays I will be around for office hours, via a Google Hangout to discuss that weeks video, got a problem share your screen with me. Need to go more detail let me know, and we can have a chat.

In addition to the weekly exercises we will be doing 3 more in-depth tutorials to build 3 applications that make very different uses of the WP-API.

Who is it suitable for?

Actually chances are it is suitable for you, it’s designed to go pretty deep but at a pace that people familiar with WordPress can keep along. So if you have a basic understanding of PHP, know HTML/JS and can navigate around the WordPress Loop this course is for you.

It is however a course about API integration and development, so expect plenty of code. If you are a seasoned developers, there maybe times you might want to skip some of the exercises, but don’t worry there is plenty of juicy bits within the course.

Is the course going to be free?

Currently there is no plans to make the course free at this time, but long term goal is when courses have run their natural life they get released back on the site. So never say never. However at £45 or £50 for 12 weeks worth of content it’s pretty affordable.

Enrol today

So what are you waiting for, have a read over what we will be covering and enrol today and I will see you on the 1st. To find out more details and to enrol see WP-API online Course

Defence of Post Formats

Defence Post Formats

Tim takes a look at the much maligned post format, how to get around todays limitations and looks to it’s future, while many are looking to see it removed from WordPress all together.

[updated] Going Beyond Unit Tests – WordCamp London 2015


Tim spoke at WordCamp London 2015, discussing “going beyond unit tests” a talk about Acceptance and integration testing within WordPress and how just about everything can be tested. What’s more Testing can be at least interesting if not a bit fun.