Defence of Post Formats

Defence Post Formats

Tim takes a look at the much maligned post format, how to get around todays limitations and looks to it’s future, while many are looking to see it removed from WordPress all together.

[updated] Going Beyond Unit Tests – WordCamp London 2015


Tim spoke at WordCamp London 2015, discussing “going beyond unit tests” a talk about Acceptance and integration testing within WordPress and how just about everything can be tested. What’s more Testing can be at least interesting if not a bit fun.

Introducing Corporate Patron


Tim introduces his first Corporate Patron, 34SP a leading UK web hosting company. who are the sites Principle sponsor and are helping not just to fund but also Tim speaking at user groups around the country.

It’s time to get out of the pub


Tim looks at why he wants to see more tech user groups get out of pubs and bars for their events and start opening their doors to everyone. He also looks forward to WordPress Leeds Coffee morning.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

The future is a scary thing, its a leap into the unknown and yet for all of us it’s always the next step

Tim takes a look at his future since the birth of his daughter and what he hopes and aspirations for the site is. He is also answers one of life’s greatest mysteries… What does he do for a living anyway?