Interact with WP-CLI via the wp-admin interface


Every so often, you need the power of WP-CLI but through the WordPress admin interface, Tim shows you 3 ways to interact with WP-CLI or indeed any application on your server through use of queues and proxying through websockets.

HTTP/2.0 with Nginx & NGHTTP2


Tim starts digging into HTTP/2 with a Step by Step tutorial to setup HTTP/2.0 with Nginx and NGHTTP2 acting as a proxy. Looking at some of the pitfalls as well as benefits and looking ahead to the future of the web.

Going Beyond Unit Tests – WordCamp London 2015


Tim spoke at WordCamp London 2015, discussing “going beyond unit tests” a talk about Acceptance and integration testing within WordPress and how just about everything can be tested. What’s more Testing can be at least interesting if not a bit fun.

What’s GHOST got to do with WordPress

Tim talks about GHOSTs
Why is everyone panicking about ghosts all of a sudden? What does a Linux software vulnerability have to do with WordPress and why is the community upset that everyone is taking aim at WordPress?