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Dev/Sec/Ops with a splattering of humour
"We were desperate really and just glad he showed up, not that many people complained" - Simon Pollard

Hi I'm Tim and I'm the WordPress Platform Lead for a Managed WordPress Host.

My Job is a mix of Dev/Sec/Ops with an unhealthy dose of project management thrown in. I'm also one of the co-organisers of WordPress Leeds, a regular speaker and less frequent writer and video presenter.

I program in a variety of languages but consider myself proficient in C++, Python, PHP, Lua and know my way around Ruby, COBOL, Go, Java. I’ve even been known to use Javascript if I have to. I’m not really a Web Developer but I get the idea of HTML/CSS and have been playing with both React & VueJS.

Most of my work is however on Linux servers in a very confused world of KVM, OpenVZ, LXC, Docker and Kubernetes such it is when you work in hosting. My own machines run OSX and Ubuntu, while at work I mainly work with Centos7 setups. Though I spent many years working with OS/2, Solaris and RiscOS. I really don't know much about Windows machines.

I talk (a lot) about WordPress, E-commerce, Performance & Security at events, on my blog as well as on Twitter. Welcome to the mad house!