Dev/Sec/Ops with a splattering of humour
"We were desperate really and just glad he showed up, not that many people complained" - Simon Pollard

Hi I'm Tim and I'm the WordPress Platform Lead for 34SP.com a Managed WordPress Host.

My Job is a mix of Dev/Sec/Ops with an unhealthy dose of project management thrown in. I'm also one of the co-organisers of WordPress Leeds, a regular speaker and less frequent writer and video presenter.

I program in a variety of languages but consider myself proficient in C++, Python, PHP, Lua and know my way around Ruby, COBOL, Go, Java. I’ve even been known to use Javascript if I have to. I’m not really a Web Developer but I get the idea of HTML/CSS and have been playing with both React & VueJS.

Most of my work is however on Linux servers in a very confused world of KVM, OpenVZ, LXC, Docker and Kubernetes such it is when you work in hosting. My own machines run OSX and Ubuntu, while at work I mainly work with Centos7 setups. Though I spent many years working with OS/2, Solaris and RiscOS. I really don't know much about Windows machines.

I talk (a lot) about WordPress, E-commerce, Performance & Security at events, on my blog as well as on Twitter. Welcome to the mad house!

Latest Blog Post

New Site Part 1 - Design & Performance

Tim introduces the new Timnash.co.uk look, discusses some of his "unique" design philosophy before looking at how he shaved nearly 2 seconds off the sites load time. He looks at how making the site fast has become an important part of what the site is. Right down to swapping out favicons in the name of performance.