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Respect your conference speakers and volunteers

I’m really sad to announce that I am no longer going to be speaking at WordCamp Birmingham UK. I know my appearance has been advertised via the WPUK website and from a link on the WordCamp Birmingham site. However this was published prior to the official you are accepted  email which only arrived last […]

Automating WordPress with WP-CLI and Shell Scripts

This is the third part of our WP-CLI video tutorials in which we will focus on Shell Scripting and WP-CLI. In previous videos we have introduced a few basic scripts but we will take it further to show how we can use tools within the command line to automate and manipulate WP-CLI. From storing data […]

My WordPress Development Workflow

I love reading about people’s workflows, and each time I read about someone else’s setup I take something away. I’m inspired by folks who spend half their day at standing tables (not inspired enough to actually give standing a go mind you) and who have built contraptions to aid their day. Yet workflow is about […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday
Tim and Sally introduce some holiday fun, enjoy!

Extending WP-CLI

Extending WP-CLI
Tim starts to use WP-CLI to launch external scripts and to extend plugins using WP-CLI in this screencast, done with the backing of his Patreon Patrons. This is the second of a multi-part series on WP-CLI for