Wanted Organiser for WordPress Leeds


This is just a quick note, tonights WordPress Leeds will be the last for the foreseeable future with me as the primary organiser. It’s also the last one we will be running at Duke Studio, who have been our fantastic home for the last few months.

Where you going Tim?

No where, but with my daughter due in March it’s going to get hectic very quickly and so before that happens I want to get in a position where I have not to many responsibilities. By leaving now and hopefully someone else taking over I can support the transition before having to juggle a baby.

I will still be around, and will help with the transition, finding speakers and hopefully still be there on the night. So you won’t miss me, I will also be trying to get to as many events as possible still and hopefully that means I will still be a regular at Manchester WordPress User Group, WordPress Kendal, WordPress Sheffield. While also occasionally popping over to Preston, Oldham, York and soon Huddersfield.

I will also always be around to speak at events, so if you want a “jobbing” meet-up speaker at your event let me know.

So why you going exactly?

You mean a baby isn’t a good enough reason?

Well I have been doing this for 5 years, we had some highs and lows and it’s been fun, but recently it’s stopped being fun. I have become lazy about organising things and generally letting the side down. I love the WordPress community and the blogging/publishing community in Leeds and really want us to expand and have great events so thinks its time for new blood.

WordPress Leeds has also existed outside of the WordPress Foundation, primarily because we have existed a fair amount of time before they were even twinkle in Matts eyes. However it’s clear that as the Foundation grows it would be good to have greater co-operation. Regardless of intentions, the foundation is a large organisation and full of politics, I really don’t want to get involved in the politics side of the community. This doesn’t effect WordPress Leeds right now but going forward and expanding into running larger events it’s something that needs to happen and we have reached the point, where we can’t simply ignore the Foundation so hopefully the new bloods will be able to work with the foundation as I would love to see a Leeds/Yorkshire events.

The final point, while we have some fantastic volunteers, I have pretty much been organising everything by myself and think it’s time for a change of direction. I don’t know what that direction is and feel it shouldn’t be me who makes that choice!

But it’s not about politics

It’s really just about time/energy balance, which sadly seems to be in short supply, so I want you to put everything I just said out of your mind, because I need you to take over!

Well if you are Leeds based, active in the community and want to run a user group, then I would love to chat to you about taking over WordPress Leeds.

You don’t need to be a developer, or a super organiser just keen, we have some great volunteers who can help out and I will always help. You won’t be alone!

Indeed my ideal scenario is 2 or 3 peeps step forward to take over WordPress Leeds and make sure the next 5 to 10 years are in good hand.

Before bowing out I just want to say a few thank you’s…

Chris Garret & Jamie Harrop for originally starting the group
Dom Hodgson, Toby Drysdale, Carolyn Jones, Karyn Fleeting who have all at one point acted as organisers or co-organisers.
Steph Walker, Dave Pullig, Jack Hughes who are current volunteers

Our 50+ speakers, who over the years have entertained, informed and given up their time.
Finally to all our attendees for coming along without you guys and girls we wouldn’t have WordPress Leeds/Northern Bloggers.

Thanks for reading, and if you are in Leeds tonight (25th November) Grab a ticket http://wpleeds.co.uk come along, we have two great speakers Rhys Wynne and Karyn Fleeting talking and it would be lovely to see as many people as possible for my last event and our last event at Duke Studios.

Thank you everyone, see you tonight!

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