Installing PHP and other languages with ASDF on MacOS Catalina

DevOps | General | WordPress

Tim digs into the fun world of using a version manager to get his multiple versions of PHP under control.

Farewells and Moving on

DevOps | General | WordPress

It’s time for Tim to say goodbye as he leaves after 5 years and heads off but what does the future hold for Tim?

Local Lightning is it very very frightening

DevOps | WordPress

Tim takes a dive into Local Development using Local Lightning, is it any good or is he going to throw it out of the window. The answer might surprise.

Bashing my BashRC – Productivity Fridays


For this weeks Productivity Friday Tim looks at his BashRC file and how he manages remote servers with bash set on them.

Minimal Atom – Productivity Fridays


For this Productivity Friday Tim takes a look at how he has achieved a very minimal coding experience with atom and is loving it.

Customising Nano – Productivity Friday


In this new series Tim looks at some of how he configures his every day online Worktools, start with the humble text editor Nano. Can you even configure it, welcome to the work of Nano.

Pressing Forward – Random Mutterings

DevOps | General | Security | WordPress

Not yet a subscriber of Tims Random Mutterings newsletter? Want to know more like whats actually in one? Well then have a look at March edition and then you know subscribe!

Five languages for WordPress Developers to learn in 2020

DevOps | WordPress

Folks often ask me questions, and recently there has been a little bit of interest in the fact that while I work in the WordPress space I’m not a traditional “WordPress Developer” and I don’t tend to work day to day with WordPress. For those who don’t know me, my day to day programming is […]

Getting gdb to (semi) reliably work on Mojave MacOS


Tim has fun, getting a 30 year old tool for debugging Rust and C++ to work on MacOS and specifically Mojave. It should be simple right?

10 tips for getting started with WordPress in version control

DevOps | WordPress

If you are new to using Version Control and WordPress be it with SVN, GIT, or another system then some of the things you used to do are going to have to change. However, the benefits do outweigh any initial inconvenience. So here are my 10 many tips for people who might be in the […]

Guessing you have SSL Questions?

DevOps | Security

Recently Google announced that whether a site is running over HTTPS would be considered as a ranking factor, this has sparked a renewed interest in SSL and Tim has been asked lot’s of questions both about terms as well as implementation so decided to put a small guide together, which quickly grew. So consider this an in-depth introduction to SSL.

Building a CDN over SSL with CloudFront and SNI

DevOps | WordPress

Amazon CloudFront is remarkably simple to setup, you don’t need a S3 account, simply use your own HTTP server as the origin. SNI allows multiple SSL certificates to be associated with a single IP but is not 100% supported. Amazon CloudFront supports using your own SSL certificate with SNI. The combination means you can quickly build a CDN for your site.