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General WordPress Articles & Videos Tutorials

WordPress powers over 35% of the top 100million websites in 2020 it’s Open Source and available to anyone for free, and it’s one of the most talked about software projects in the world. On this site Tim talks about WordPress concepts, tutorials and videos focusing on more niche aspects of running a WordPress site, be it in a large enterprise environment or a small vanity site.

My WordPress Development Workflow


I love reading about people’s workflows, and each time I read about someone else’s setup I take something away. I’m inspired by folks who spend half their day at standing tables (not inspired enough to actually give standing a go mind you) and who have built contraptions to aid their day. Yet workflow is about […]

Extending WP-CLI


Extending WP-CLI
Tim starts to use WP-CLI to launch external scripts and to extend plugins using WP-CLI in this screencast, done with the backing of his Patreon Patrons. This is the second of a multi-part series on WP-CLI for timnash.co.uk

Wanted Organiser for WordPress Leeds


Tim is turning over the overlordship of WordPress Leeds, and is looking for volunteers to take over and run one of the UK oldest user groups.

Important WordPress 4.0.1 go update!

Security | WordPress

Fail2Ban with WordPress

WordPress 4.0.1 has been released and is a security release, please update your sites as soon as possible, want to know why? Well watch as Tim explains why you should be updating right now.

Getting Started with WP-CLI


Tim introduces WP-CLI and shows some quick examples of how you can use it in this screencast, done with the backing of his Patreon Patrons. This is the first of a multi-part series on WP-CLI for timnash.co.uk

Running WordPress without any admin users, a dystopian future?

Security | WordPress

Imagine a world without an admin user role, where sites just run themselves and the only users are editors, is this a ultimate utopia or dystopian nightmare? What if we didn’t have users at all, or even an admin interface? Tim pontificates and experiments with “adminless” WordPress sites and finds it’s future mixed.

Sourcing & Evaluating plugins

Events and Talks | WordPress

A few months ago Tim gave a talk at WordCamp Manchester regarding the state of the plugin eco-system, the talk to WordPress professionals and lovers was a jovial romp through the often scary world of picking a plugin and hoping that this time, this plugin will just well work!

Dynamic Static Site Generators strategies


WordPress as a static site generator, have I gone mad? Isn’t a Dynamic Static Site Generator and oxymoron? These and other interesting questions shall probably never be answered, but there are a few good reasons to use WordPress as a Static Site Generator and recently I have been taking a new approach.

Become my Patron, help me release amazing WordPress Videos

General | WordPress

After getting feedback, I’m today launching my Patreon Campaign, will you be my next patron and help fund indepth and interesting WordPress video series? You can find out why I’m doing this and how you can get involved as well as others ways to help out.

WordPress Leeds – Dev Night 23rd September


WordPress Leeds is having a Dev Night on the same day as my WordPress Workshops, find out more about why you should come along and listen to our 4 great speakers on the night (after listening to me all day of course). The dev night is FREE for everyone so even if you are not coming along to the workshop you should still come.

10 tips for getting started with WordPress in version control

DevOps | WordPress

If you are new to using Version Control and WordPress be it with SVN, GIT, or another system then some of the things you used to do are going to have to change. However, the benefits do outweigh any initial inconvenience. So here are my 10 many tips for people who might be in the […]

WordPress Hard Coded Options


Following on from the Must Use plugins Tim takes a look at Hard Coding WordPress options and presents a small Must Use Generic Plugin for hard coding WordPress options.