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A few months ago I did a talk at WordCamp Manchester on plugins. It was a light jovial discussion on plugins, how to find them, what they do extra. The video got published and is available above.

Bear in mind if you watch this video, this was a talk at a WordCamp to an audience consisting of people who use, work with and love WordPress. If it feels negative in any way, well don’t get too worried. What really is missing was the total optimism from the audience which led to some wonderful and inspiring conversations afterwards.

Within the talk I mentioned a few links and have included them below:

In addition during the questions there were a couple of plugins mentioned especially when it came to multilingual usage:

As this was a light talk, and what it didn’t cover was what to look at from a developers perspective, so it didn’t say look for good documentation, good inline code comments, WP-CLI support, WP-API support etc.

Finally it’s worth noting that while I briefly mentioned it, themes are in many ways an advanced plugin with a supposedly single function, and it’s worth really remembering that next time you see a designer struggling to get to grips with how themes work in WordPress, consider that they are not only doing the work of a designer but also needing the skills of a WordPress developer who would be coding a plugin as well.

The rest of the WordCamp Manchester talks are slowly coming out, and you can see the other talks in the WordCamp Manchester category on