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General WordPress Articles & Videos Tutorials

WordPress powers over 35% of the top 100million websites in 2020 it’s Open Source and available to anyone for free, and it’s one of the most talked about software projects in the world. On this site Tim talks about WordPress concepts, tutorials and videos focusing on more niche aspects of running a WordPress site, be it in a large enterprise environment or a small vanity site.

Back to Basics – User Management Strategies

Security | WordPress

In this second article in the series, Tim gets back to basics with WordPress security this time focusing on user management from passwords to access control and how to deal with ex-employees credentials.

Back to Basics – Updating WordPress Strategies

Security | WordPress

In the first of a series of posts, Tim gets back to basics with WordPress security with his first look at different updating strategies for WordPress, core and plugins.

Finding all your sites Gutenberg Blocks


Want to know something? Sure you do, a secret only you and me know….I use Gutenberg on this site! There I have said it, half the WordPress world gasped in horror and do you know what I don’t dislike it. There are also lot’s of plugins now that support Gutenberg blocks, like Atomic Blocks and […]

Five languages for WordPress Developers to learn in 2020

DevOps | WordPress

Folks often ask me questions, and recently there has been a little bit of interest in the fact that while I work in the WordPress space I’m not a traditional “WordPress Developer” and I don’t tend to work day to day with WordPress. For those who don’t know me, my day to day programming is […]

Coming to a WordCamp?

Events and Talks | WordPress

WordCamps are a unique event, while still being conferences Tim and a lot of other folk share their top tips in this survival guide of sort. From clothing to the hallway track there hopefully a few tips for you as well.

Behind the scenes of a talk

Events and Talks | Security | WordPress

Tim dissects a recent talk from Steelcon, what went right and wrong.

London – Random Mutterings

General | WordPress

March has been a busy month and it merged into April a little too quickly. So sorry this is a bit late but here we go with Random Mutterings volume 2. We have had a fair share of #WPDrama and then there is Pipdig. I have a couple of WP&UP bits in this roundup, but […]

My Development Workflow Early 2019


So in October 2018 I took a week off work on holiday and decided that one of my “jobs” while on holiday was to look at my development workflow. I last blogged about what and why I was using things a few years ago and I really meant to make it a regular thing as […]

Feitian ePass – U2F, 2 factor authentication

Security | WordPress

Tim takes a look at the Feitian ePass a hardware security key that he uses in place of Google Authenticator on some site.

New Site Part 2 – Development Workflow

General | WordPress

In part 2 of this series Tim introduces the workflow behind Timnash.co.uk a ramble through how the site is developed a glimpse into his personal workflow and development practices and why he doesn’t always do what he preaches.

New Site Part 1 – Design & Performance

General | WordPress

Tim introduces the new Timnash.co.uk look, discusses some of his “unique” design philosophy before looking at how he shaved nearly 2 seconds off the sites load time. He looks at how making the site fast has become an important part of what the site is. Right down to swapping out favicons in the name of performance.

Who is afraid of the big bad talk…

Events and Talks | WordPress

Tim writes about his recent talk at WordCamp London, its hopefully an honest post which not only guides people through his methodology but exposes many of the mistakes he made during his talk.