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Events and Talks

Wanted Organiser for WordPress Leeds

Tim is turning over the overlordship of WordPress Leeds, and is looking for volunteers to take over and run one of the UK oldest user groups.

Sourcing & Evaluating plugins

A few months ago Tim gave a talk at WordCamp Manchester regarding the state of the plugin eco-system, the talk to WordPress professionals and lovers was a jovial romp through the often scary world of picking a plugin and hoping that this time, this plugin will just well work!

WordPress Leeds – Dev Night 23rd September

WordPress Leeds is having a Dev Night on the same day as my WordPress Workshops, find out more about why you should come along and listen to our 4 great speakers on the night (after listening to me all day of course). The dev night is FREE for everyone so even if you are not coming along to the workshop you should still come.

How to test Patreon without getting burned?

Would you be interested in funding a WordPress video series, Tims looks at why he is struggling to get to grips with services like Patreon and taking a leap into the unknown. So he is turning to the community to help him work out if he should go for it.

New WordPress Workshop in Leeds UK

Tim will be doing a one day workshop on Scaling and Managing your WordPress stacks in Leeds in September and you can grab your place today.