Going Beyond LAMP Again…

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I gave a variation on my WordCamp Sheffield Talk at Manchester WordPress User Group, this time concentrating more on how to make things go a bit faster, the slide deck is similar but not identical to the WordCamp Sheffield deck which also includes links to lot of the bits I spoke about. I dwelled a bit more on Facebook Hack language this time with a sample usage for WordPress, as well as looking at Gearman in a little more detail.

Going Beyond LAMP Again – Manchester WordPress User Group from Tim Nash

Note the code examples were for illustrative purposes and should not be used on production servers
The main things we covered were:

  • Using Nginx as a Proxy Server or a HTTP Server
  • HHVM and Hack
  • Memcache and Redis as key value storage
  • Transients and Object Caching in WordPress
  • Fragment and Full page caching
  • Why Caching will always bite you, but you still should do it
  • Using the right tool for the job
  • Working with Queues
  • Just for fun a couple of examples of Async loading theme templates, both with HACK and with Gearman