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General Security and WordPress specific security posts, remember if you are having an issue, always contact an expert to help you.

Prevent Brute Force attacks with Fail2Ban & WordPress


Fail2Ban with WordPress
Tim guides you through protecting the WordPress login from brute force attacks with a simple program called Fail2Ban and a tiny 3 line WordPress plugin. Before going into some of the more unusual things you can do with Fail2Ban.

Running WordPress without any admin users, a dystopian future?

Security | WordPress

Imagine a world without an admin user role, where sites just run themselves and the only users are editors, is this a ultimate utopia or dystopian nightmare? What if we didn’t have users at all, or even an admin interface? Tim pontificates and experiments with “adminless” WordPress sites and finds it’s future mixed.

Guessing you have SSL Questions?

DevOps | Security

Recently Google announced that whether a site is running over HTTPS would be considered as a ranking factor, this has sparked a renewed interest in SSL and Tim has been asked lot’s of questions both about terms as well as implementation so decided to put a small guide together, which quickly grew. So consider this an in-depth introduction to SSL.

Encrypting emails with PGP and WordPress

Security | WordPress

PGP has been in the news recently thanks to Google, but it’s strange how for something that’s been around over 20 years very few services send encrypted email. This article looks at PGP and how you can use it to encrypt outgoing emails, personal content and almost anything within WordPress.

Writing articles on performance or security, read this first

General | Security | WordPress

Writing a post on WordPress security or performance, then why not let me take a look at it for you for free before you publish?