WP User Sentry

WP User Sentry

WP User Sentry is a very simple WordPress Plugin which I built to cover a small gap in most security plugins.

WP User Sentry was born to provide, a simple notification system of successful logins

  • It will email users, when their account is logged into
  • The email is customisable by the site admins
  • You can select which roles should be notified
  • You can set it, so if the user is already logged in (in a different session) on that IP, with that device (based on useragent) then it will not send an email.
  • You can attempt to determine the country the IP is from using a third party currently ip-api.com is supported.

WP User Sentry should work alongside other security plugins and has been tested alongside WordFence, iThemes Security and two-factor plugin.

You can download and install via WordPress.org if you need help then you can find me in the Support Forums or if you find a bug, please do feel free to raise an issue on Github where development takes place.

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