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Talk: The Art of The Code Review

Coming soon, this talk will be given at WordCamp Europe 2023

Imagine if there was a magic tool you could use to improve code reliability, reduce single points of failure in your business, and make developers happy?


Code reviews are an often neglected or misunderstood part of development cycles, they can also be challenging to implement effectively.
However, code reviews are a seriously valuable tool that can improve our codebases. Whether you’re taking on a new project or just checking a pull request, code reviews can help with quality control, bug catching, and knowledge sharing.

So, let’s not see code reviews as just another task on our to-do list. Instead, let’s embrace them as opportunities for improvement. In this talk, we’ll dive into the art of code reviews and learn how to make the most of the process. We’ll explore giving and receiving feedback, focusing on the right things, and handling conflicts. And if done right, code reviews can create a positive, collaborative culture that leads to not only better code but a happier and more productive work environment.

We’ll take a closer look at a real-world case study to see how a company went from no code reviews to thriving with them. Tim will show us the tools and techniques he recommends and uses as well as how you can implement them in your own work environment. So join me and learn how to make code reviews work for you!