This page was inspired by my friend Ross Wintle who has a similar page, and indeed so much of this page mimics his, right down to many of the causes we both support.

The people and organisations listed here are some of the groups I actively support, either through donations/monthly subscriptions or by purchasing their products and services.

They are listed here so that, you might also consider supporting them too.

Big Orange Heart

Big Orange Heart (Formerly WP&UP) is a UK based charity set up to provide mental health support and wellbeing to remote workers. Originally focusing on the WordPress Community since COVID19 it’s taken on a much larger remit of all remote work. I help Big Orange Heart as a volunteer and contributor.

Open Rights Group

The open rights group fights to protect UK citizens right to privacy online in a world where that is corroding. It campaigns against often ill-thought-out government policies towards online but also works to help people understand existing legislation and see it applied correctly.

Independent Work / Work Notes

Dave Smyth has built up a small and fantastic community of freelancers mainly but not exclusively in the UK. Covering a gamut of skills and niches, his work notes also provides a great resource for solo and small businesses.

Guardian Newspaper

Good Journalism needs to be paid for, it also needs to be accessible to all and not behind paywalls. The Guardian helps provide journalism it is also not for profit, with funding provided through the Scott Trust and paid subscriptions. I currently have a digital subscription as well as the App.

Run Dom Run / Dom crazy charity efforts

My friend Dom has been doing crazy things in aid of Martin House a charity dear to his heart. This includes running marathons and half marathons. I think Dom would not be too upset if I suggest that he is not the fittest guy ever so it being Dom he does them in silly costumes. Since COVID19 has forced a lockdown and cancelling of events he has switched to streaming his runs online on