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The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

The future is a scary thing, its a leap into the unknown and yet for all of us it’s always the next step Since the birth of my daughter I have been pondering the future, it has been at times a quite dark place to visit but slowly I’m seeing a light. She has certainly […]

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holiday
Tim and Sally introduce some holiday fun, enjoy!

Your Privacy is important to me, so I’m trampling all over it!

Tim introduces some major changes to his privacy policy and how it effects users on the site. He also discusses the balancing act sites need to take and how it effects visitors. This might not be a glamorous post but its an important read for any regular visitor.

Become my Patron, help me release amazing WordPress Videos

After getting feedback, I’m today launching my Patreon Campaign, will you be my next patron and help fund indepth and interesting WordPress video series? You can find out why I’m doing this and how you can get involved as well as others ways to help out.

How to test Patreon without getting burned?

Would you be interested in funding a WordPress video series, Tims looks at why he is struggling to get to grips with services like Patreon and taking a leap into the unknown. So he is turning to the community to help him work out if he should go for it.