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About Tim Nash

This site is home to Tim Nash. While there are many Tim Nash’s in this world, this particular one spends most of his day in front of the computer; coding, writing and generally procrastinating through life.

About Tim

Tim is the WordPress Platform Lead & Developer Advocate at He is also an author and speaker probably best known for his work with WordPress (though he has a eclectic background covering a broad range of subjects).

He is also the current overlord of WordPress Leeds a local WordPress user group and is widely involved in the North of England’s thriving WordPress community.

Tim is a published author with a couple of works read by no one under his belt and occasionally he writes for paper magazines (yes they still exist) as well as online publications.

Speaking gigs: Tim has spoken on topics as varied as acoustic variations in heated elements, to (perhaps more relevant to most visitors) talks on building donation systems, scaling hosting solutions with maths used to predict size of tsunamis and a multitude of topics around WordPress performance and security. He also has done a couple of talks about how to rob banks.

Tim is normally happy to come talk at your event, so feel free to drop him a note and is available for consultancy within the UK.

If you want to get hold of Tim you can do so via Twitter and other social media channels.

About the site

This site is the main location for finding Tim’s articles. The site mostly contains rants and rambles on subjects from WordPress through to E-Commerce and digital marketing. However, most people will probably come for the rants!

The site has morphed over the years to what it is today and a lot of the content has been lost (only to be found in If you are looking for something from one of the historical predecessors then let Tim know and he will dig it out for you.


This site would not really function without a group of people chiding Tim along! So make sure you thank the following when you next meet them, especially as Tim will have forgotten.

  • Kayleigh Thorpe – Who drew my awesome robots
  • Sally Stephens – The poor soul who acts as the primary proof reader
  • Carolyn Jones – Who has ideas bounced off her and acts as a sanity checker
  • Glenn Pegden – who acts as an occasional set of eyes on security posts
  • Angie Nikoleychuk – who for many years acted as the site editor
  • And all the people has already forgotten who really shouldn’t have been!