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These were my 2018 goals I met 0 of them :(

These are my goals for 2018 along with any progress made, my intention is to update this page on a fairly regular basis like once a month… That should be a goal!

Website Goals

Update the goals page once a month – Keep this page up to date, with how my goals are going. (Updates done 5/12)

Write and Publish 12 technical posts – Write and more importantly publish 12 articles on the site this year that are technical and vaguely in depth. (Posts done 3/12)

Record and Publish 6 videos to Youtube – This represents just one every two months but the idea is at least one video series. (Videos done 0/6)

Publish all talk slides in 2018 – I’m fairly terrible at publishing slides and notes so this year I intend to have at least the base presentation slides published. (Slides published 0)

Personal Goals

Lose 24KG – 2017 was a horrible year for health and I ended up putting weight on not losing it. Now I need to loose it. This is by far the hardest goal of the year. (Weight lost 0kg)

Walking 10k steps a day – This will help with the weight loss and get me back into shape physically and mentally. (Average Step Count 0)

Run 365 miles in a year – Small goal I know but currently one I’m no where near. (Miles run 0)

Take 2 holidays – A holiday defined as “Time off work, the blog or other activities related to my professional skillset for a period of several consecutive days. (Holidays taken 0)

This page was last updated on August 6th 2018 next update should be the 1st September. Please tweet me if it’s not been updated.