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Pixel tracking with Nginx & a tiny bit of Javascript

Tim takes a look at setting up a basic pixel tracking using Nginx, a tiny bit of Javascript and GoAccess but can it feel his stats craving?

Getting gdb to (semi) reliably work on Mojave MacOS

Tim has fun, getting a 30 year old tool for debugging Rust and C++ to work on MacOS and specifically Mojave. It should be simple right?

London – Random Mutterings

March has been a busy month and it merged into April a little too quickly. So sorry this is a bit late but here we go with Random Mutterings volume 2. We have had a fair share of #WPDrama and then there is Pipdig. I have a couple of WP&UP bits in this roundup, but […]

Return – Random Mutterings

Random Mutterings is back, with a recap of what Tim is up to and some retrospective from last month. This month it’s Rust, Typescript and site changes.

My Development Workflow Early 2019

So in October 2018 I took a week off work on holiday and decided that one of my “jobs” while on holiday was to look at my development workflow. I last blogged about what and why I was using things a few years ago and I really meant to make it a regular thing as […]